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Scientific Name:
Brosme brosme

Usual Size:

UK Record Weights from rod/line:

3-00-00 Vacant Qualifying Weight

15-07-02 Pentland, Firth. Scotland  D.J.Mackay 1982

MAFF Minimum Size: Shore: Boat:

The body and head profile are that of a typical codfish. However, the Torsk is easily recognizable from any other member of this family, by the simple fact that it has a single dorsal fin. This has a long base, running from the pectoral fin to the caudal fin, to which it is joined, as is the shorter based anal fin. The jaws are approximately equal in length, with the lower sporting a chin barbel that is almost the same length as the eye diameter. The back is a brownish grey, blending into the greyish brown of the sides, and white of the belly. The fins are trimmed in white with a dark or black band beneath.

Spawns between April to July.

Offshore, bottom dwelling fish, found in waters of between 150 to 450m, swimming in small shoals over broken ground.

Fish eater and crustaceans?

Found from Norway to Iceland, and the Western coasts of Scotland and Ireland.

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