Small-headed Clingfish

Fact File:

Common Name(s): 
Small-headed Clingfish 

Scientific Name:
Apleton dentatus  (=A.microcephalus

Family:  Gobiesocidae 

Usual Size: 40 mm 

A very small flattened fish with a triangular head. A single dorsal fin at the rear of the body opposite the anal fin. Pelvic fins fused into a suction cup. Variable bright colours, often an olive green with a white band across the head when looking down from above and a stripe through the eye. 

Similar species: 
Two-spotted Clingfish, Diplecogaster bimaculata has a broader head. 


Kelp holdfasts. 

Small crustaceans (probably) 

South and west of the British Isles. No BMLSS records from the east coast. 

Additional Notes:
Inadequately recorded with records of the Two-spotted Clingfish prior to 1971 may be this fish. Probably quite common throughout its range but easily overlooked because of its small size. 

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