Montagu's Blenny

Fact File:

Common Name(s):
Montagu's Blenny, Capuchin Blenny..

Scientific Name:
Coryphoblennius galerita

Usual Size:

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A small blenny, elongate small fish of a large family of fishes that live in rocky areas in shallow water. All true blennies have a continuous dorsal fin with the first dorsal fins are spiny and the remainder are soft. The pectoral finds are relatively large. The pelvic fin is in a jugular position. Distinguished by the single lappet over the eye. Usually green with black mottling and blue spots.
If the small green blenny lacks a lappet over the eye it is the similar common and widespread Lipophrys pholis.

Similar species: Parablennius gattorugine (Tompot Blenny), Blenny Lipophrys pholis. The appearance of the eye tentacles are definitive.

Summer, in very shallow water, sometimes intertidal.

Rocky areas below low water mark, intertidal (mid-shore and below) spring to autumn, under rocks, in crevices and rock pools, especially the juveniles.

Small invertebrates including acorn barnacles.

South and west British coasts. Local distribution.

Additional Notes:

Uncommon British fish at the northernmost part of its range.

Information wanted:
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