Monkfish / Angel Shark

Fact File:

Common Name(s):

Monkfish or Angel Shark

(others: Bellyfish; Frogfish; Sea Devil; Stargazer; Bulldog Shark; Goosefish)

Scientific Name:
Squatina squatina  (Linnaeus, 1758)

Usual Size:
Known to at least 183cm, although may reach 244cm.

UK Record Weights from rod/line:



MAFF Minimum Size: Shore: Boat:

A Compressed body - with the upper side a light sandy brown and the under side usually white

Ovoviviparous (egg layer) - eggs 6 to 8cm in diameter, with between 9 to 20 eggs - newly hatched size 20 to 30cm. Females mature at between 126 to 167cm

Shallow water dwelling shark and close inshore although found to depths of 150m. Prefers mud and sandy bottoms where the shark can bury itself to ambush prey.

Mostly flatfish, crustaceans (crabs) and molluscs.

Eastern North Atlantic to the Canary Islands - mainly inshore waters

Additional Notes:
Assumed to be the transitional species between sharks and rays. A powerful shark.

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