Little Tunny

Fact File:

Common Name(s):Little Tunny

Scientific Name:
Euthynnus alletteratus (Rafinesque, 1810)

Usual Size:
In the 'tropical' Eastern Atlantic to 90cm

UK Record Weights from rod/line:



MAFF Minimum Size: Shore: Boat:

Typical tunny shape. Occasional black lines on the back with 5/7 dusky spots behind and below the pectoral fins. Colour: dorsal markings composed on broken horizontal stripes or bars.

Little is known of this, although it is known that maturity is reach at a length of 57cm (for fish found off the Southern Coast of Spain). In warmer waters maturity if reached at a smaller length.

An inshore species with a water temperature requirement of between 20 to 30ºC

Fishes, squids and crustaceans

For the Eastern Atlantic from the southern coast of the UK down almost to the southern tip of Africa.

Additional Notes:
An extremely rare visitor to northern hemisphere waters. There are two reported captures within UK waters in 1906 and 1951 Often confused with other species

REFERENCES: FAO Species Catalogue 2 - Scombrids of The World - Collette/Nauen

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Key to the Fishes of Northern Europe - Wheeler

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