Fact File:

Common Name(s):Halibut

Scientific Name:Hippoglossus hippoglossus

Usual Size:100 cm

UK Record Weights from rod/line:

Shore:10-00-00 qualifying weight

Boat:234-00-00 Dunnet Head, Scotland C Booth 1979

MAFF Minimum Size: Shore: Boat:
NFSA minimum size, shore: 10 kg, boat: 10 kg

The halibut is a large streamlined flatfish, with eyes on the right side. The upper surface is smooth, and the lateral line curves strongly over the pectoral fin.

Spawning occurs in winter in 300-1000 m of water. Females produce up to 2 million eggs. The pelagic young metamorphose before moving to the bottom in inshore waters. Halibut are sexually mature at about 10 years (100 cm).

Halibut prefer cold (3-5 degrees C) and deep water (to 2,000 m), where they hunt on the bottom or in mid-water.

Mainly other fishes, such as redfish and members of the cod family. Halibut may also feed on the bottom, taking large crustaceans.

Western Atlantic and northern North Sea.

Additional Notes:
Halibut are very valuable commercially, but subject to overfishing. In the northern North Sea, immature individuals may turn up in the trawl, and are very occasionally taken by anglers.

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