Blue Ling

Fact File:

Common Name(s):
Blue Ling

(others: Spanish Ling)

Scientific Name:
Molva dypterygia

Usual Size:
Max. 155cm

UK Record Weights from rod/line:



MAFF Minimum Size: Shore: Boat:

Almost identical to Molva molva, but with the following characteristics: The lower jaw extends further than the upper jaw. The eye is larger, occupying more than one fifth of the head length. The head and back are uniformly copper coloured, with no marbling or mottling. The body width is also narrower than that of a similar sized Ling

Breeds between May to June.

Normally found in water of 300 to 500m.

Feeds mainly on fish?

Found off the Western shelf, and up around Scotland, as well as Iceland and Norway.

Additional Notes:

A sub-species of the Blue Ling, is the Spanish Ling M.d.macrophthalma. This is a similar shape but is a bluish silver in colour. The pelvic fins are elongated and reach back past the pectorals, i.e. the tip of the pelvic fin is behind the vertical tip of the pectoral fin. The Spanish Ling is associated with the Southwest coasts of the U.K., down to the Mediterranean.
A further subspecies M.d.duptorygia, is identified, by the fact that the tip of the pelvic fin is below that of the pectoral, and has a northerly range up to Iceland and Spitzbergen.

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